• Massage increases cellular activities by stimulating the vessels and nerves. It provides nutrition and enrichment of tissues with more oxygen. It helps to remove metabolic wastes from tissues more quickly. Increases skin tension and shine. Thanks to all these physiological effects, it calms the human body and creates a calming effect.


  • Manual therapy, one of the oldest and classical applications of medicine, is a method that has been applied for thousands of years and with which many people find healing.
  • Muscle, fascia, tendon, ligaments, bone, joint and spine are returned to their normal functions with techniques such as mobilization and manipulation applied after a detailed functional examination.


The sauna, which is made with a sufficient heat level, first helps the body to relax through sweat. Not only are the toxins on the body cleaned with the help of sweat, but also, the chemicals inside are thrown out. It is extremely beneficial for both physical and mental health.