Yoga is an exercise system that combines various physical postures, controlled breathing and meditation. People of all ages can do yoga, one of the holistic health approaches.

Along with the physical benefit, it also tries to give the person the ability to focus internally.

Since it is an exercise system based on breathing, it supports the development of respiratory functions.


Reformer Pilates, which makes the body more flexible and stronger, has many physical and mental benefits. The use of reformer tools which were designed using resistant springs strengthens the connective tissue in the muscles, thus increasing the flexibility of the body. It also reduces back and lower back pain as it strengthens the part of the body called "core". It aligns the spine and helps to correct posture disorders. In addition to these, the reformer shapes the muscles, makes the body slim and tight, and regulates the breathing by teaching correct breathing techniques.


Water gymnastics training programs, which are formed by combining various exercises, train the cardiovascular system of the body, allowing many muscles to be active at the same time. These exercises, which are performed by resisting the pressure provided by the water, enable the muscles to work very actively.


Regardless of what the health problems are, there is good news about activity; Academic research shows that physical activity helps prevent chronic diseases, premature aging, and improves health as well as quality of life. The best way to improve your health and reduce your health concerns is to go outside and take a walk.