Yücelen hotel provides very comfortable holiday facilities in Akyaka / Gökova with its accommodation units in traditional Anatolian structure being designed by the architect / Poet Nail Çakırhan, who got the architecture award of Ağa Han. Our establishment is directly at the seafront and it is 200 metres to the town centre, 65 km to Dalaman Airport, 110 km to Bodrum airport, 22 km to the centre of Muğla and 32 km to the centre of Marmaris.


Yücelen Hotel, having been serving guests in this area since 1986, is welcoming its guests with a 4-star-hotel comfort. The establishment, which lies on a land of 15 acres, tries to make its guest enjoy their holidays with 7 accommodation units, one main building, 2 restaurants, Oktay Akbal meeting hall, shopping units,guest welcoming and administration building, one reception, a lobby bar, 2 gathering rooms, a leisure room, 2 outdoor swimming pools, one outdoor pool for children, one indoor swimming pool, sauna and massage rooms, a gym, slide for children in the children’s pool, wellness centre, recreation units, a sandy beach and a nature’s wonder coastline.


FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY Please do not smoke in your bed to avoid risks of fire. By operation of law 4207, it is not allowed to smoke in the room so our smoker guests are kindly invited to smoke on the balcony where they can find an ashtray.

Dear Guests,

Tonnes of towels are washed unnecessarily in all the hotels in our precious world and the amount of waste water has risen leading to more environmental contamination. Please show us that you want your towels to be washed by leaving them on the floor or if you don’t want your towels to be changed please hang them onto the hook on the wall. Bringing unhygienic food and drinks from outside will not only risk your health, but also it will make us use harmful pesticides to get rid of insects and bugs that will gather around the food in your rooms. That’s why we kindly ask you not to bring such food and drinks into your room. Hereby we will also kindly remind you that in case our staff spots unhygienic food and drinks, these will be removed from your room and we are grateful for your understanding.



You will find information about the agencies which we collaborate on the notice board located on the wall in the lobby. You can also find some helpful information about trips to near places, your guides visiting hours and other information such as flight times, etc.

Emergency Exits

Please look at the ‘EMERGENCY OPERATION PLAN’ which you will find at the back of your room door. In case of an emergency please call ‘THE EMERGENCY LINE 112’ and the reception (9). Please do not use the elevator in a case of emergency.

A La Carte Restaurants

The restaurant in our hotel serves A La Carte. You can benefit from this service with reservation and charge until 22:00 in the evening. Our snacks are served in Gökova Restaurant and Lobby Bar between 11.00 and 18.00 and this is a paid service. All booking are made at the reception or at the restaurant itself. Opening and closing hours of these facilities may vary according to the season and weather conditions.

Animation and Activities

You may find information about animations and activities on the boards within the hotel.

Key Card

The Key Card given from the reception on the check-in day opens your room door without contact and is valid until 12:00 on the day of departure. Please deliver your key card to the reception during the check-out (hotel departure) process.

Car Rentals

For detailed information and a wide choice please contact the reception by dialling ‘9’.

Waste Management

Our facility is among environmental friendly facilities. For your recyclable waste please use the specified bins within the hotel. You can dispose your empty batteries at the reception. In lavatories both in common use areas and in your rooms please do not dispose anything. Please use the bins provided next to the toilets. For your litter in your room please use the bins provided in your room. Our staff will sort out your litter to be recycled. We appreciate your effort to support our environmental concerns.

The Luggage Room

If your departure time or your pick up time is after 12.00 you may leave your luggage in our luggage room after delivering your room key. You can take your valuable belongings with you or you can keep them in the safety box in the reception complimentarily. You can go on enjoying our facility after vacating your room. Should you want to eat or drink something you can pay in cash or by your credit card in the unit of sales.

Luggage Service

You can contact the reception to have your luggage carried.

Banking Services

There are ATM points of some banks in our town. Besides there are lots of branches of international and national banks in Marmaris and Muğla. Apart from national holidays and weekends, banks serve from 9.00 to 17.00 on weekdays. Please contact the reception for further information.

Bar (Lobby Bar)

Our bar in the lobby serves both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages between 10.00 and 23.45. The beverages are served in bottles and is a paid service. Guests under 18 are not served with alcoholic beverages.

Baby Strollers

There are strollers in our hotel and these can be hired daily from the reception.

Baby Cots

Should you need a baby cot, please call the reception to get a complimentary one.


Our lifeguard serves in the pool area between the opening and closing hours of the pools.

Laundry Services

If you wish to have your clothes washed, please put them into the laundry bag provided in your closet and put it on your bed. Please call the reception (9) to have you bag taken. Please do not forget to mark the items you wish to be washed on the list provided next to the bag. Your laundry will be done and returned to you within 24 hours. Our laundry and ironing hours are between 10.00 and 19.00. These are paid services.


You can call the reception to send flowers.

Information desk

To get detailed information about our hotel and its environment, please contact the reception.

Feasts and gatherings

For special organizations and gatherings please contact the reception.

Currency exchange

Currency exchange is not done in our hotel. You can exchange your currency at the post office or at bank branches in Marmaris, Muğla.

Medical Help

Should you need a doctor, our contracted doctor is called and he/ she carries out your care for a fee. In addition, the fully equipped Yücelen Hospitals serve in the city venter of Muğla (22 km away), in the center of district Marmaris (30 km away) and in the center Ortaca district (54 km away) on the Dalaman airport road. You can get information and assistance in this regard from the reception. In addition, in very urgent cases, you can call the 112 emergency help center.


There are 2 pharmacies in Akyaka. Please contact the reception to get the directions.

Safe Deposit Boxes

There are electronic safe deposit boxes in your closets in your rooms to keep your valuables safe. Please follow the instructions on the box to set a code and so to use the box. Should there be an inconvenience or problem, please contact the reception. Please never leave your valuables in common areas. If you need a safe deposit box after vacating your room, please contact the reception.

Domestic Pets

Domestic pets are not allowed in our facility.


Electricity in Turkey is AC, 220 – 240 Volt,50 Hz. Our plugs are in European norms.

Fitness Centre

Our fitness centre located on the ground floor of Kerme Estate isopen every day between 10.00 and 19.00. Our centre is sometimes reserved for sports groups when these are housing in our facility.

Trips and Daily Excursions 

The district of Muğla is rather rich in both historical and natural beauties, which enables you to plan a trip every day. Besides Akyaka is one of the best places in our country and in the whole world in means of non-motorized water sports. For detailed information about trips and water sports please contact your guide or the reception.  


Please inform the reception about which newspapers and magazines you would like to read. 


You will be given a towel card on your day of arrival by the reception. You need these cards to get towels to be used in the pools and on the beach. Cards are for individual use and you can get your towel at the reception. 


There are 2 indoor swimming pools ( a total of 350 mt2  area), 1 kiddy pool  (22 mt2 area), 1 indoor swimming pool (35 mt2 area). Our indoor pool can be heated related to the number of guests. The depth of the kiddy pool is 50 cm., There is a small slide in the kiddy pool for children aged 6-10 only under the surveillance of their parents. Our hotel is not responsible for accidents in the pools due to violation of the rules or individual negligence. Our pools serve every day between 10.00 and 19.00. The pools are closed after 19.00 as the cleaning procedure begins. 
* It is dangerous for those who cannot swim to enter the pool in terms of life safety.

Tap and Drinking Water

Water running in the lavatories and baths in our hotel is provided from the city. The water used is regularly checked and analysed. We would advise you to drink the bottled pay water in your mini bar in your room.  

Internet Connections

Wireless internet is free and encrypted in the lobby area, in general areas and in some rooms depending on the coverage. The password is taken from the reception. If a different password is not specified, your internet connection password is your TR ID or your passport number and your room number. 

Our Dress Code

We kindly ask you not to wear beach wear or underwear in the lobby, reception and especially in the restaurants. Our staff will sadly have to ask our guests wearing inconvenient clothes to change their outfit.

Air Conditioners

There are split air conditioners in our rooms. These air conditioners have already been set according to the season. You can change the temperature by pressing the buttons on the remote control in your room.


The offered concepts in our hotel vary from the summer season to the winter season. The Summer Concept is valid between May, 1st- and October, 15th. The Winter Concept is valid between October 15th- and May 1st. Related to the summer concept, whenever the weather conditions are suitable all pools, outdoor restaurants and outdoor services will be opened. In the winter concept all outdoor facilities will be closed and some opening and closing hours of some units may be changed. All detailed information can be found in the specified area.

The Shop

You can get your basic needs and some gorgeous souvenirs, which will always remind you of your unforgettable holiday, in our shop within our hotel.

The Minibar

The minibars will be refilled every day. The items are not free.

Guest Relations

Our front office staff is always willing to try to help you about anything during your stay.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Dear Guest Your precious opinions are vital for us. Your opinions and suggestions about us will not only make it possible for us to provide you a unique and unforgettable holiday experience whenever we have the pleasure to serve you but also enable us to correct our mistakes. That’s why we will kindly ask you to fill in this form in this booklet and to leave the form afterwards to the reception desk. We hope you will give us your valuable time to fill in this form. Please do not hesitate to be frank and direct because the information in the form will be confidential. We would like you to thank you in advance and we would like to state that we will be looking forward to serving you again. You can also post you opinions about our hotel on sites such as www.otelpuan.com,www.tripadviser.com,www.zoover.com,www.holidaycheck.com Thanks for cooperation.

The House of Nail Çakırhan

The housing project designed by Nail Çakırhan for himself and his wife in Akyaka was finished in 1971 and it was awarded with the Aga Khan Architecture Award in 1983. The first profession of the poet Nail Çakırhan, who never got an education on architecture, was journalism. Nail Çakırhan's interest in the building began in his 40s when he accompanied his archaeologist wife Prof. Dr. Halet Çamlıbel in her field studies. Çakırhan, who worked as an auditor in building projects for about ten years restored his mother's old, locally built house, with the help of two local carpenters. Having learned the necessary handcraft on this occasion, Çakırhan started the project in 1969 with the drafts he had drawn on paper, assuming the roles of the architect, the main contractor and the site chief to build his own house in Akyaka. The construction which began in 1970 eas finished in 1971. Wood masters Ali Duru and Cafer Karaca from Ula worked in the construction of the house, which took a year to build. You can get information from the reception for the memory room, which is located in the garden of Nail Çakırhan house and which is open to visitors.

The Do Not Disturb Card (DND)

If you don’t want to be disturbed by housekeeping, minibar or by technical services, please hang you (Do Not Disturb Card) DND card onto you room door. When our staff sees the card, they won’t enter your room. If you wish housekeeping to come after 16.00, your towels will be changed and you bin will be emptied.

The Reception

Our reception, which welcomes you and which sees you off, is open for 24 hours. You can also close your hotel account here. The extension is ‘9’. The rooms for newly arrived guests will be available from 14.00. We advise our guests who want to ensure their early arrivals or late departures to book the previous night if it’s an early arrival or the night of their departure if it’s a late departure. This is a paid service. Should our guests not choose this option, they may use the hotel’s facilities after leaving their luggage in the luggage room. The vacating of the rooms is 12.00 the latest. We kindly ask our leaving guests to be careful with the vacating hours as this is essential for new arriving guests to get their room on time. If you wish to have some paid hours to keep your room, please contact the reception one day earlier. We will try to fulfil your wish after checking the availability of the rooms. You can use the facilities until 18.00 that day.

Rent a Car

Please contact the reception.

The Health Centre

This centre is located on the ground floor. Our indoor swimming pool, the sauna, the gym and our massage rooms are located here. There are also showers and changing rooms in this area. It is open daily from 09.00 to 19.00. The sauna and the gym is free for all guests. If you want to have a massage please book first. Our extension is 571 or just contact the reception. Having a massage is a paid facility.

The Kuran and a prayers rug

If you want to have a Koran, a prayers bead and a prayers rug to be left in your room please contact the reception. The directions for the kiblah can be found in the drawer. The closest mosque to our hotel is Akyaka Merkez mosque

Sports and Activities


You can go for perfect walks both in pine forests and in streets full of houses built in the local architecture. You can breathe in the clean air full of oxygen while admiring cosy houses with small cute gardens.


Swimming in the bay of Gökova, the pearl of the world, is a priority. As the sea has a sandy floor and as it is shallow, it is especially popular with children. You will have the chance to admire the green forests and the nature while swimming in crystal clear waters.

Kite Surfing

If you wish to learn or to do kite surfing, our hotel and Akyaka is the correct choice. It provides safety with its wide coast and shallow waters. In the sports centre located in the windiest area, you are able to hire any equipment you need to learn or to do this sport.

Wind Surfing

As its always suitable for kite surfing, the bay provides the best weather conditions for wind surfing as well. While staying in our hotel, you may learn or do this sport. Everything needed can be hired in our hotel.

Akçapınar Stream-Akyaka Seakayak Trip

The branches of this stream reaches a length of 8 km. You can admire the colour green within the colour blue. There are two bridges on the stream built by Kanuni Sultan Süleyman to enable his soldiers pass the bridge during his Rhodes Campaign. This spot pf natural beauties is on the migration routes of birds and it is a must do trip.  

The Canyon of Toparlar

You will be first greeted by pine trees on the route to the Toparlar Village in Köyceğiz. You will be able to hear the waterfall while going inland. If you want to have swim in cold waters, do not forget to bring your swimsuit.  


You can hire bicycles to have fantastic cycling trips in the area..


Canoeing in the stream called Kadın is a unique experience as it is referred to as a live fish tank. For more information please contact us. 


We provide our guests with sunbeds and mats at pools and on the beach. To avoid arguments please do not reserve sunbeds by putting something on them.


There are taxis servicing for 24 hours. These are not related to our hotel. To get a taxi please ask the reception for help.

To Make a Phone Call

To dial another room please dial the number directly. For the operator please dial ‘9’.

Local Calls (within the city borders of Muğla) 0+ the phone number

Intercity calls 0+0+ area code + the phone number

International Calls 0+0+0+ the country code+ area code+ the phone number

To get the country codes contact the reception.

The Meeting Halls and the Equipment

There are 2 meeting rooms in our hotel with various capacities. Şadan Gökovalı Hall has a capacity of 135 people with the theater layout. The Oktay Akbal Hall theater layout has a capacity of 80 people. Technical equipment required in the halls is provided for a fee. Hall capacities may vary depending on the seating layout or pandemic rules.

Public Transportation

From the bus stop in front of the park of the Municipality of Akyaka you can go to the city centre easily.

Wake up Calls

You can get a wake- up call just by contacting the reception.

Fire Precautions

Please read the rules about fire safety which you can find in your room. In case of an emergency please dial ‘9’.



To call from your room phone, first dial ( 0 ) and then ( 112 ).






Gökova Restaurant


Lobby Bar



  Fitness Centre 

(10:00-19:00, everyday)


(09:00-21:00, everyday)

Table tennis, table football

(10:00-23:00, everyday)

Parasols, mats and sunbeds by the sea and pool.


Surf boards, lessons and equipment ,


Water sports (wind surf, sea kayak, canoe, kite board, etc.),

Mountain bikes, equipment and guidance ,

Car rentals and transfer organizations,

Laundry services,

Market products and packaged ice cream,

Coined games and Video Games,

Medical facilities,

Phone Calls, fax, photocopy and internet services,

Room Service ,



“Gökova Restaurant” (07:30-10:30)

Snack services 

“Gökova Restaurant and Lobby Bar” (11:00-18:00)


“Gökova Restaurant”  (19:00-22:00)

Tea-Coffee- Non- alcoholic beverages  

“Lobby Bar” (10:00-23:45)

Alcoholin Beverages     

“Lobby Bar” (11:00-23:45)

The bars located in dining halls open and close with the hours of service. The opening and closing hours of the restaurants and bars may vary according to the weather conditions and seasons. In such a situation the changes will be announced on the bulletin board.

Guests under 18 won’t be served with alcoholic beverages.


Visa, Master Card, Euro Card, Debit Card, American Express.

The book in which you can write your comments and opinions can be found at the reception.

The Hotel Management