You can make healthy and enjoyable walking tours in both of the oxygen depot pine forests and on the calm pathways surrounded with pretty houses with gardens and built in local architectural forms, while enjoying your holiday directly in touch with nature.

Swimming in the Gokova Gulf, which is a pearl of the world, is a privilege. As the seashore is sandy and shallow, especially children enjoy spending time on the sandy-beach. In the meantime, you visit the big and small bays looking like a lacework and surrounded with green forest and beside the beautiful mountain panorama. Swimming in those bays will one of the unforgettable moments of your holiday.

Kite Surf:
Our hotel and Akyaka District is the right address to learn and practice kite surf and provides the kite surf starters and learners the most convenient and safe environment, with its wide and shallow seashores. The water sport facilities is located at the most and continuously windy sections of the Gokova Gulf and in these water sport facilities, you can also find any kind of materials and equipments required for kite surfing.

Wind Surf:
As the Gokova Gulf has been continuously taking well-balanced winds, this feature makes it possible to wind-surf here beside kite surfing. You will be able to learn this water sport and to rent any kind of materials and equipments required for this enjoyable water sport, while accommodating in our hotel and enjoying your holiday.

Akcapinar river overflow - Akyaka Sea-ski Tour:
Length of the Akçapınar river overflow together with its branches, where green is in touch with blue and passing into each other, is totally about 8 km. There are two bridges on this river overflow area and those bridges had been constructed and used by Sultan Suleiman, the Magnificent, and his soldiers during Sultan Suleiman’s expedition to Rhode Island. This unique beauty is located on the migratory routes of birds and enchants all of the visitors. Joining in this tour shall be an unforgettable memory …

Toparlar Canyon:
This route is located in the Toparlar Village of the Koycegiz District. In this route, you will be met first by pine trees. When you go further in direction to inside, you will start hearing the waterfall’s noise. Do not forget to bring your swimsuit with you, if you want to be refreshed in cold water.

You can hire bicycles in various ways and with bicycles, you can make wonderful and unforgettable bike-tours around the region.

You can also make canoe tours in the Gulf and in the Kadin river overflow area, which is a living aquarium, and add enjoyable memories and experiences to your holiday. 
Furthermore, you can also experience a different holiday, participating in the various tours and activity programs. For detailed information, please contact us.