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 “The Untouched virgin of the World of Light” , Fethiye, is located in an open cove surrounded with pine trees behind and the open sea in the north. There are several small and big islands on it. It goes towards the plain in front of the rock tombs and a castle and goes to the sea from Karagözler. The Chevalier Island, Günlük Cove and the mountains are on its skyline. Fethiye also has magnificent natural beauties as well as its historical beauties. Ölüdeniz Beach, which is among the most popular beaches in the world, is worth seeing.


Streets decorated with stone houses wrapped by bougainvillea trees, people with smiley faces, the perfect smell of thyme, a wonderful nature and world-wide known coves… Datça is a piece of heaven you can find all these. It has a history that goes back to thousands of years and all those natural beauties glowing in that history. Datça offers many places to see and travel with its natural beauties spread on the semi-island. 


With its relics, the ancient Ceramus town, which is the area where Milas-Oren is found, is among the must-see places in a holiday in Muğla. Ceramus is 40 km away from Milas. It is on the northern coast of Gökova Bay. Zeus Temple, Kurşunlu Structure, Roman Temple, mausoleums and the spring are a few of these relics. The history of the tons goes back to 3000 years. Once you have travelled in Ceramus Ancient Town, you can move to Herakleia Ancient Town which is located near that.


Akbük is a cove found inside the Special Environmental Protection Area. The cove is full of Aleppo pine trees and olive trees. It has a glassy like, clean sea. 1,5 km coast of the cove located in the northern side of Gökova Bay is stony just like its sea. The water get deep suddenly outside the two small coves. There is a river branch in the middle of the cove. The water is clean and clear all year long thanks to this river flowing to the sea.


It is a quite preserved cove found opposite the Okluk Cove. In World War II, English ships running away from German submarines took shelter here. The harbor has its name from the English war ships which had got shelter here. When passing out it is really impossible to see the boats or schooners anchored inside other than their masts maybe… It has a dark turquoise color and very calm and still coves. There is a mermaid’s statue at the opposite the cove.


It is one of the most important tourist attractions in Gökova Bay and in Turkey with its sea in all tones of blue and its natural properties. The Island is full of olive trees. As well as its natural beauties, it also has ruins from the ancient theatre, agora and ancient port belonging to the Hellenistic and Roman periods. The sands found in the northern coast of the Island are special drops of lime stone and apart from Crete Island, one can only see them in Sedir Island in the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas.


Dalyan King Rock Kings’ Rock Tombs have been saluting you magnificently for 300 years. The tombs, which are known to be carved into rocks for religious purposes are the most significant symbols of Dalyan. İztuzu Beach is also a unique beach in the world surrounded by Dalyan canal in one side and the open sea in the other side. This beach is among the reproduction areas of Caretta Carettas and thus, it is under protection. Iztuzu Beach has golden sands. It has been elected as the world’s second beach preserving its nature.


Köyceğiz is 60 km away from Muğla. It is a very nice town surrounded by citrus gardens from a plain to a lake, village houses, a still lake, reeds around the lake and mountains changing color from purple to blue. Its cool-warm thermal waters are significant for health tourism. Yayla Village and Gökçeova found in its north take attention with safari tourism. Dalaman River is important for rafting and trekking.


Marmaris is a piece of heaven where you can see all tones of green and blue in twelve months of the year. It is a wonderful town with its many coves on the long coast, its natural port, its closeness to ancient towns, natural beauties, cruise opportunities, modern yacht ports and water sports opportunities. It offers a wide range of accommodation opportunities to tourists from five star holiday resorts to modest pensions.


Muğla is the city hosting most significant tourist attractions in our country. Travelers of every age can enjoy a trip to Muğla, where a thousand years of history has been combined with natural beauties. Best examples of “Historical Muğla Houses” are located in Saburhane which is on the power plant just above Arasta. The Ottoman Yarım Han, Yağcılar Han and the 250 year-old Konakaltı Han are worth seeing. Muğla city is quite rich in historical relics and there are 103 ruins within its boundaries.

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