Akyaka - Gökova

It’s located at the east side of Gokova Bay at the far Southwest part of Turkey. Sitting within the borders of Ula between Marmaris and Mugla. Akyaka has a population of nearly 1500  in winter seasons while this figure reaches 3-4 thousands in the summer season. With Sakartepe Mountain with 1000m height at the North, and Gokova Plains at the south Akkaya has the most beautiful view in the region. This grassy plain attracts various birds every spring. One of the most favored beaches of Akyaka is Çinar beach.

Located on the road that goes to Oren and having an asphalt road along the shoreline. Çinar Beach is just 2 km away from Akkaya. Following Çinar beach road, takes you to Akbuk Bay and then all the way to Oren (Gereme, Keramos). An alternative visiting route of Akyaka is called Kadin Azmagi which is a famous place with its natural beauty and spring water. Akyaka is best suited for water sports, kite surf, wind surf, canoeing, and mountain bikeing.

Regular transportation from and to Azmak River and Sedir Island are available. Kadin Azmagi is also famous for its lovely but shy guests, sea otters (lutra lutra). And Sakartepe is a suitable spot for paragliding. Despite the fact that except of a few families there are no one who is involved in farming. The area is well-watered and lush. Local people had once made their living out of farming turned their faces to tourism sector in the past decade.

Akyaka district is featured with its architectural structure and applies a uniform construction regulation. Thus the district has formed a distinct building structure exclusive to Akyaka by combining the style of former Ula houses with modern architecture style. Double storey houses with their flowery gardens and intricate wooden at out- and inside of the houses were built. Nail Çakirhan has wonin 1983 the Aga Khan Award for the houses he built which conveys the traditional architecture in 1983 despite he never have had an architectural education.

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