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Founded in 1989 by Hamdi Yucel Gursoy, Yucelen Group entered the tourism sector in 1989 through Yücelen Tourism Company and built the first touristic hotel in the region of Akyaka District in Mugla County. Together with Aga Han architecture award-winner recognized architect Nail Çakirhan, they have not only built Yucelen Hotel with a tradional architecture approach but also realized many projects that would have a major role later on in forming today’s Akkaya during a period in which a rapid structural development was taking place nationwide.

During the same period Gursoy, due to dense encouragement of the public, found himself racing in the politic environment. After losing the election by a slight difference at local election of Mugla in 1989 for Mayoralty, he decided to serve the country as a businessman. In 1993, when University of Mugla was newly established, he built the first dormitory of Mugla in order to contribute in solving the dormitory problems of Mugla. Later, upon the decrease in need for dormitories, this building was converted to hotel business.

Gursoy started his healthcare business in 1996 with the cotract of the first private hospital in Mugla.

In 1998, the second private hospital came to life in Bodrum under the name of Yucelen Hospital. In the later years this hospital was accquired by a German hospital group. Continuing with his healthcare investments, Gursoy opened dialysis centers in Mugla and Ortaca, a medical centre in central Mugla, and private Yucelen Hospital in Ortaca County, respectively.

Particularly as result of important investments on branding in the recent years, Yucelen Corporate has become a reliable institution for its customers in tourism and healthcare sectors.  Having successful businesses under its roof and earning the title of 7th Best Family Hotel in the World with its YUCELEN HOTEL in Akkaya, the Group has proved its international success.  Furthermore, there are investment plans for Yucelen Hospital, the leader healthcare facility in the region, to serve large masses.

Gursoy also has a significant place in the social life of Mugla. He served Muglaspor Soccer Team as club chairman for long time, and help the City Management in building an Anatolian High School in Mugla. Currently a member of many association and charity organizations in Mugla, Gursoy continue his contributions in many fields for Mugla.

Currently working as CEO of Yucelen Group that has nearly 600 employees, Gursoy is married and father of two chıldren which are also holding positions in the management.

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